Author shares stage with Alex Salmond at Edinburgh book festival, but says he has not been approached to write forwardWilliam McIlvanney, the award-winning Scottish novelist credited with creating the Tartan noir genre, said he is “totally in the dark” about an offer for him to write the foreword to Alex Salmond’s manifesto for Scottish independence.It emerged last month that the first minister was keen to get McIlvanney and other leading Scottish authors to write the Scottish government’s prospectus for next year’s independence referendum, due to be released in October or November.A known fan of McIlvanney, Salmond told the Observer he wanted the independence white paper to become a historic document, with famous writers able to add panache and lustre. “I believe in this document and I also believe in its importance for the Scottish people and people beyond our shores. I want it to resonate down through the ages,” he said.Salmond shared a stage with McIlvanney, reading from one of the author’s texts, The Papers of Tony Veitch, at the Edinburgh book festival on Friday afternoon, deepening speculation that the Kilmarnock-born writer was developing a close relationship with the first minister.McIlvanney confirmed during the event he was now committed to …read more

Via: The Guardian | Books