‘this is one of the most profound and beautifully written books I have read in a long time’August Pullman seems like your average 10 year old boy. He likes playing X-Box, riding his bike and eating lots and lots of ice cream, except there’s something different about him. August was born with a facial disfigurement. He knows that people are always going to stare and his face, he knows there are going to be double takes in the street and he knows that people are going to want to ask questions. But the most humbling thing about August is he doesn’t let that affect him. After all, isn’t it good to be different when everybody else is the same?August has always felt like a bit of an outsider compared to his peers; he’s undergone countless operations and has been home-schooled all his life. Needless to say, when he and his family make the decision for him to start 5th grade in public school, he didn’t exactly warm to the idea at first.One of the main things I loved about the book was August’s attitude towards life: his ability to cope, to be genuinely happy and make a comedy out of …read more

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