The novelist kicks off a new series, coinciding with the Edinburgh international book festival, where writers consider the words that mean most to themOnce again, I’m afraid that I haven’t been filing at all regularly. This is the year – apparently – of looking after myself and so working in the evenings when I’ve already worked all day has been placed off limits. Because it can make me a little bit ragged. But here I am with a nice empty run of moments: the sun is shining but not too hotly, somewhere in the garden there is at least one newt and it’s nowhere near evening. So. Let’s think about words – the things which allow me to address you in my absence and hopefully to say something of use, if not also beauty. They may even be able to suggest that, although you are not me and vice versa, we have a good deal in common – including the very human tendency to think that those who are not us are in some way … well, at least a little less interesting than we are, maybe slightly less jam-packed with the wonders we ourselves contain. (Forgive me for assuming …read more

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