Forget about photos like these if American authors come to dominate the Booker Prize
The Booker Prize is not perfect. Anyone who does not have a book shortlisted on any given year can tell you with annoyance just how much (too much) of books media is cannibalised by Booker coverage. Any reader knows to avoid the weekend papers’ review coverage around the time of the shortlist, for fear of phoned-in articles such as this one  from last Saturday’s Guardian Review.
But the news that the Booker is to change its guidelines to allow American authors to be eligible for the prize confused and concerned me. Confused because I hadn’t previously been aware of any desperate need for eligibility to be extended (have American authors been picketing outside the foundation’s offices and nobody knew?) and concerned because the move suggests an inexplicable and radical transformation of the most important fiction prize in Britain and one which has an undeniable history in celebrating, championing and selling British fiction, as well of course fiction from the Republic of Ireland and the Commonwealth.
Indeed, some commentators have been quick to play the ‘The Booker isn’t really British anyway, what about the Canadians?’ card. But, and not to insult …read more

Via: Melville House Books