A great crowd of readers at the Brooklyn Book Festival, who need to buy a damn book or go home.
It’s time again for one of our favorite hometown events: the Brooklyn Book Festival.
What began as a scrappy little festival for local publishers and booksellers has quickly grown into a marquee event on the literary calendar for many authors and presses. We make a point of being in attendance, alongside some of the best indie lit nerds from around the country. The row upon row of booths are dangerous for any book lover—a reader can easily spend more money than they’d planned for. And the selection is so rich, even the most jaded of booksellers will find a few gems they’ve never seen before.
For all that, one of the things that has really helped the Brooklyn Book Festival stand out in recent years is the quality of literary events scheduled in and around downtown Brooklyn. Much has been made of the sheer population density of great authors in this borough, and at the BBF they all come out to play. To help you make sense of the great author events on offer, we’ve compiled what are sure to be some of …read more

Via: Melville House Books