Can Ananya and Zaniel overcome their differences and find out who lives in Tower Clearing?He exited the room and made his way down the magnificent stairs and into the grand hallway. He didn’t have a key for the door so, terrified, Zaniel realised that he would have to leave when it was open: when somebody was entering or leaving. Suddenly he heard jingling of metal and the door clanked agape. Zaniel flattened himself on the wall next to an intricately carved and beautiful cupboard, so that he was out of sight. His head felt like a mess: all his thoughts and actions were zooming around his brain and he couldn’t find the power to process a single one. He started to panic as his heart rate sped up. It seemed like the sound of his heart beating was excruciatingly loud, and Zaniel worried that when somebody entered they would surely know he was there, for they would hear it. What was he to do?He heard the click of expensive heels on the hard ground and deep, rugged breathing. He heard two men’s’ voices, speaking loudly about vehicles from abroad and boat trips. He heard a lady’s high-pitched, authoritative call for …read more

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