Are you ready for the follow-up to The Unknown? Prepare to be scared!Everything is a mess. Why did this happen? What did they want?My parents owned a small seafood restaurant down the road. It was very popular and everybody said that the food was fresh and delicious. A bunch of fat men in expensive suits bought it and turned it into a casino with loads of showgirls after my parents died.I tried stopping them, but I was too late. They had already demolished the building. The kitchen wasn’t there anymore and everything else was broken too. I scrabbled around for the golden spoon, which used to hang on a wall in the kitchen. It was covered in black ash and debris. Thank goodness it wasn’t broken. I carefully placed it inside my rucksack beside my teddy. I rode past a blur of houses and finally stopped in front of our house. I gave it a very good, long look and headed the other way. I shot past The Hooting Owl and reached the main road. Now to find where my aunt and uncle lived. As far as I remembered, they lived in a small cottage on Crosswise Road in Cambridge. …read more

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